FLORA+FUNGI is an independent beauty company rooted in Northeastern Michigan which specializes in creating premium quality cosmetics and herbal medicine with wildharvested and organically cultivated ingredients. At FLORA+FUNGI we believe in the power of nature. Nature is our mother, who has given birth to us on this earth, and gives us everything we need to thrive. We believe plants provide the best medicine. The plants around us contain potent botanical compounds, which nourish our bodies. All of our products are deeply rooted in this philosophy. We combine modern scientific research into wild flora and fungi with traditional plant knowledge of the indigenous cultures of North America to create modern products rooted in ancient traditions.

 We believe anything you put on your body should be safe enough to put into your body- thus, we use only the highest quality organic and wild harvested ingredients in all of our products, along with traditional folk methods of steam distillation and infusion. We also believe in respecting nature- we only use plants which grow in abundance, as to not disturb the delicate balance of our forest eco-systems by over-harvesting. Using local botanicals also helps us reduce our carbon footprint. The greatest natural resource we have is nature itself. This philosophy is present in our packaging choices as well- we only use the most eco-friendly packaging, including reusable and biodegradable containers. Garbage does not exist in nature- it is a closed system where everything is recycled into a new form.  

FLORA+FUNGI is run by Amanda Derocher. Amanda is a graduate of Formula Botanica's Accredited Organic Skincare Science School. She possesses a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and is currently continuing her studies to receive an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science. Growing up in Northern Michigan, plants and nature have always been an integral part of Amanda's life. Her love of plants has followed, or rather, taken her around the world to work and volunteer on organic farms and permaculture projects in Central America and South East Asia to learn more about biodiversity, ecosystems, and sustainable agricultural practices. 

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